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Bennett C. David


Bennett C. David
Bennett C. David Associate

About Bennett C. David

Bennett’s diverse background and experience in the areas of engineering, technology, and law has enabled him to successfully create Intellectual Property prosecution strategies for his clients. Bennett’s legal practice includes intellectual property rights related to patents, trademarks, copyrights and intellectual property licensing matters. He has experience working with diverse areas of technologies with a specialization in electrical and software engineering innovations. His practice focuses on preparing and prosecuting patent applications in the computer, electrical, and mechanical sciences, including technologies such as wireless technologies (e.g., 3GPP LTE Standard), High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), wearable technology, flash memory, cloud computing, microprocessor architecture, and software system architecture.

Prior to becoming a patent attorney, Bennett served as Technical Analyst in the area of Investment Banking where he successfully reduced the Total Cost of Operations (TCO) of software servers and applications by 40% through strategic decommissioning and deregistering of applications. Bennett also managed and supported high frequency trading systems, possessing hundreds of servers and databases. Bennett has also assisted to manage a patent pool portfolio of 500+ patents where potential licensees that manufacture products that are using the HEVC technology are sought for inclusion and protection within that portfolio. Bennett advised companies on the protection and enforcement of their valuable IP assets, as well as strategizing how to leverage those assets to successfully sustain their businesses.

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Suffolk Law School


Suffolk Law School

B.S. Computer & Electrical Engineering

North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University

Diversified Knowledge and Experience

Bennett has diversified knowledge and experience in computer and electrical engineering, automation, business, and law. His technical expertise provides his clients a competitive advantage and ability to strategically navigate the market with their IP.