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Jared K. Hill

Non-Equity Partner

Jared K. Hill
Jared K. Hill Non-Equity Partner

About Jared K. Hill

Jared’s legal practice focuses on the preparation and procurement of United States and foreign patents with primary emphasis in the mechanical arts. He has experience in manufacturing technology, machine tools, consumer products, medical devices, hydraulics, suspension systems, linkage mechanisms, composites, and related technologies. Prior to attending law school, Jared worked for five years as a mechanical engineer for Lockheed Martin at the Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory facility in Niskayuna, NY. He specialized in nuclear reactor core mechanical design as part of the Advanced Reactors Project for the U.S. Naval Nuclear Propulsion Program. His work projects included nuclear reactor designs for two new U.S. Navy ship classes: Virginia Class fast attack submarine and Gerald Ford Class aircraft carrier. Jared’s broad experience provides understanding in a variety of innovative design, manufacturing, and inspection technologies. Jared is an avid cyclist and the discipline earned through thousands of miles in the saddle benefits his legal practice.

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Albany Law School

M.S. Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University

Patent Protection, Nuclear Powered

Jared’s engineering background spans from nuclear reactor core design to suspension systems. His broad background and experience allow him to help clients with almost any technology.