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Todd B. Alder

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Todd B. Alder
Todd B. Alder Of Counsel

About Todd B. Alder

Todd strives to provide clients with excellent legal service relating to the protection of intellectual property rights, particularly with regard to U.S. and foreign patents and trademarks. He strongly feels that the best protection for intellectual property begins at an early stage of development of a business or new technology. This business-oriented approach often results in a stronger asset portfolio with a broader coverage than originally anticipated by the client. Todd personally pays careful attention to a client’s needs, and works very closely with associate attorneys and staff to enhance the value of that client’s intellectual property position.

Todd has always had a natural curiosity about all things scientific, and this, combined with graduate work that required skills in neurophysiology, acoustics, electronics, and molecular biology, has given him a broad scientific and technical background. He has prepared and prosecuted patents in the general areas of chemical, biotechnological, pharmaceutical, electronic, and acoustic arts, among others. He has specific biological and chemical experience in areas such as pharmaceutical compositions and therapeutic delivery, including transdermal and ocular drug delivery and delivery devices, various biotechnologies and biotechnological assays, polymer chemistry, stem cell technologies, neurophysiological procedures and devices, cell injection technologies, electrophysiology, various medical devices, and nutraceutical compositions.

Todd is considered by many at TNW as our resident independent thinker. If ever an attorney feels stuck “thinking in the box,” Todd is always a great resource to help get outside of it.

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University of Utah

Ph.D., Neurobiology

University of Utah

B.S. Biology

University of Utah

The Creative PhD

Todd’s curious nature and innate creativity help engineer novel and effective legal solutions. He places strong emphasis on value and results.


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