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Alex W. Haymond

Equity Partner

Alex W. Haymond
Alex W. Haymond Equity Partner

About Alex W. Haymond

Alex is an expert in the fields of microwave and digital communications and focuses his practice pursuing patents on inventions in electronics, software, and both digital and optical communications. Prior to becoming an attorney, he was a senior electrical engineer at L3 Communications where he participated in the design, manufacture and testing of high speed wireless communications systems used in the military and intelligence communities, including data links for the U2 Spy Plane, the SR71, the Predator UAV, and other classified programs. He also co-developed system software for an automated broadband RF test stand for the U2 Directorate using a graphical programming language.

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John Marshal Law School

B.S. Electrical Engineering

University of Utah

Patent Professional

Alex combines the strong analytical aptitude and problem solving skill of an experienced electrical engineer with a solid patent law foundation earned through a decade of work as an attorney.