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Business-First Litigation

Litigation is not always your first choice but when it is a possibility or a reality, you need a firm with your business goals in mind. Thorpe North & Western leverages our legal, technical, and industry expertise to collaborate with businesses to assess risk and reward, and identify clear solutions that match your goals. We will get the facts straight and use our vast experience with intellectual property law to get you the best strategic outcome available.

Pre-litigation Research & Analysis

When litigation is possible or imminent we begin by assessing the merits of claims and informing you of their likelihood of success. From there, we can develop a cost-benefit analysis that lets you choose the best actions for your business.

Patent Litigation

Our seasoned patent attorneys will represent you through all stages of enforcing and defending patent rights in federal court. We are also experts with post-grant proceedings before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. Our years of experience across technical industries and a collaborative, business-minded approach will guide you through the process.

Trademark Litigation

We handle all stages of enforcement and defense of trademark rights before federal courts. Our veteran trademark attorneys have extensive experience with administrative appeals before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board and have years of practice in prosecuting trademarks under their belt.

Your business goals come first when we assess the risks and rewards in all stages of litigation and
our proven experience
and approach help you satisfy them.

Copyright Litigation

When your creative works are at stake, you want attorneys with experience specific to your business and your work. TNW attorneys expertly handle all stages of copyright enforcement and defense of claims before federal courts. We have been doing it successfully for years and your business goals are our measures of success.

Trade Secret Litigation

Enforcing and defending rights to trade secrets takes extensive technical and legal knowledge. Fortunately, TNW attorneys are well-versed in both. We handle all stages of litigation and help you protect the lifeblood of your business.

False Advertising Litigation

Finding an attorney experienced in the enforcement and defense of false advertising claims before state and federal courts is vital to the success of your business. Our attorneys are familiar with all stages of litigation and handle your dispute with the skill you need to achieve the best results.

Sound Advice—sound Business Decisions

We provide our clients with objective analysis and practical advice that leads to sound business decisions. TNW’s litigation services assist you through all phases of intellectual property litigation—from research and analysis, arbitration, mediation, and pre-trial practice to trial, or appellate work. We practice in state or federal courts, before administrative and regulatory agencies, and in alternative dispute resolution forums. Our wealth of expertise in global commerce, our technical knowledge, and collaborative approach help your business meet its goals.

Risk And Reward

Our approach and expertise allows us to identify an optimal approach to meeting your business objectives—finding the optimal way to commit resources to get you the best results. Whenever conflicts require court involvement—cease and desist letters, administrative actions, licensing alternatives, etc. — we represent both plaintiffs and defendants in intellectual property disputes. By identifying strengths and weaknesses on both sides of a case we can win early victories for our clients. In many cases we are able to favorably settle cases through negotiation, or through more formal mediation processes.

Why Clients Trust Us

We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality legal services and support to our clients—and our continued success speaks volumes. Our approach assesses the value of the litigation at all decision points throughout the process and finds the most valuable strategy for your business. We have eliminated competing products from the marketplace that infringed on our clients’ patents or trademarks, defended the continued promotion of products that were unfairly accused of infringing on a third party’s rights, and compelled the payment of licensing royalties through litigation.

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  • I highly recommend TNW. They are large enough to handle all aspects of our patent applications, trademarks, copyrights and litigation support, but small enough to be our business friend, advisor and coach for most all our legal needs. Law firms like TNW are a necessary part of our business operation.

    Glenn Foreman

    CEO Excel Boats

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