Thorpe North & Western T·N·W

Our people bring intellectual property expertise, passion and value to your team.

Great attorneys, Real People

We are scientists, engineers, inventors, pilots, black belts, photographers, programmers, runners, authors, entrepreneurs and musicians. We are as unique as the ideas we help our clients protect. We provide outstanding legal services and fill the role of attorney, trusted advisor, counselor, ally, partner, teammate and business friend.

The TNW Team

All of our lawyers work with technology. We have broad technical experience, from wireless antenna architecture to neuro physiology. In addition to our technical expertise, our team has business savvy. We have successfully helped our clients leverage their IP to grow their business, and the business application of your technology and IP is one of our primary considerations. Our goal is to both help you understand relevant legal principals and apply those principals towards achieving your business objectives.

Our IP Legal Team