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Christopher L. Johnson

Equity Partner

Christopher L. Johnson
Christopher L. Johnson Equity Partener

About Christopher L. Johnson

Chris specializes in preparing, procuring, and enforcing patents for local, national, and international clients, with an emphasis in the mechanical, electromechanical, and biomedical arts. He has experience working with medical devices, high-performance valves and valving systems, fluids systems, robotics systems, energy systems, optical equipment, recreational equipment, business methods, and computer software. His legal practice further includes preparation of various legal opinions, including infringement opinions, patentability opinions, as well as assisting clients in negotiating and structuring license agreements. When Chris is not in the office, you will often find him visiting the campus of Brigham Young University, either as a guest lecturer at the law school or attending a BYU football game.

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Franklin Pierce Law Center

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

Brigham Young University

Thorough Legal Representation

Chris applies the precision of an engineer to his legal practice. His thorough and thoughtful approach leads to consistently positive results for his clients.