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Patents are vital assets that enhance the value of your business — whether you are a Fortune 500 or a new startup. Patents are even more valuable within a portfolio targeted to key choke points in a field of business, a technology or a supply chain. Our attorneys provide expert technical and legal perspective to help you identify key patentable positions and work to obtain strategic patent protection — locking up valuable positions in your market.

Patent Evaluation

Evaluating a potential invention against existing patent portfolios and prior art greatly enhances the value of your patent. We create that value by enhancing the breadth of your coverage and weaving potential strategic positions into your patent.

Patent Searching

Starting with a patent search lets you decide whether or not to devote precious resources to patent protection for your idea. Our knowledge of the technological landscape in your industry makes us more effective at identifying what is potentially patentable.

Patentability Analysis

Like patent searching, this is a more in-depth analysis that distinguishes potentially patentable subject matter from subject matter that is likely to be unpatentable. This lets you focus your attention and resources on what matters—the aspects of the invention that provide real patent value.

Strategic Counseling

Your business goals come first—whether you are ready to send a product to market or are still in the research phase. TNW attorneys tailor the patent process to meet your specific needs. You may need one or more utility patents, a provisional patent application or maintain the technology as trade secret—we will help you decide what is in your best interest.

We create that value by enhancing the breadth of your coverage and weaving potential strategic positions into your patent.

Patent Preparation

Our teamwork philosophy around patent preparation is different from most law firms. We commonly work in teams of two attorneys through the drafting process to exchange ideas, perspective, and experience—resulting in more comprehensive patent coverage.

Claim Scope

The claims of your patent application are the legal boundaries around your invention. Our attorneys have extensive experience defining these boundaries at key points to keep competitors at bay. We can design the scope of the claims with potential infringers in mind—resulting in claims that protect your business from the unique challenges that you face.

Patent Drafting

Drafting a patent application is a complex undertaking. Infusing the claims, the written description of the invention, and the drawings with the proper technological and legal perspectives takes experience and skill. Our attorneys have prepared thousands of expertly written patent applications. We cover most technologies and can draft patents that have strong and up-to-date legal frameworks.

U.S. Patent Filing

After your patent application is prepared, we will file all the necessary paperwork with the United States Patent Office. Our approachable staff will help you obtain all the required signature documents from inventors — freeing up your valuable time to focus on growing your business.

U.S. Application & Portfolio Monitoring

Once filed, we can monitor the patent application progress and notify you of important events like potential deadlines for filing related applications for improvements on the technology. The value of any technology can be enhanced by building a portfolio of patents surrounding it, and we can help you come up with the right strategy for your invention.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience defining legal boundaries around your invention at key points to keep competitors at bay.

U.S. Patent Prosecution

Our attorneys are experts on the extremely complicated federal rules and procedural requirements that you need to navigate successfully. Once the US Patent Office begins looking at your application, we can keep you up-to-date on any required deadlines or important events. Our attorneys can represent you before the US Patent Office throughout the prosecution of your patent.

U.S. Patent Issuance

Once your claims have been allowed by the Patent Office we can prepare and file the paperwork necessary to obtain the issued patent. Our attorneys can also provide counsel on pursuing any potentially patentable subject matter contained in your application that would otherwise go to the public.

U.S. Patent Maintenance

Maintaining your patents is vital and missing a deadline could cost you your business. As an owner, you are required to pay maintenance fees at 4 years, 8 years and 12 years after issuance. Large patent portfolios are notoriously hard to manage on your own. We can notify you of the deadlines or handle the payments ourselves while we monitor your patents for other issues.

International Patent Counseling

International patent protection plays a vital role in many technologies, for many businesses. Our attorneys provide valuable counsel to help you decide whether or not to pursue foreign patent prosecution.

Patent Cooperation Treaty (pct) Filing

When you decide to make a foreign file you have the option of filing your patent application under the PCT. This preserves your rights in 148 countries—but it is temporary. You have to nationalize in country or regional patent offices within specified time periods. We know the PCT ins and outs and we help you manage all the intricate requirements.

Global National & Regional Filing

Whether you are nationalizing a PCT application or directly filing with a foreign office we can help you do it in a timely fashion without unnecessary headaches. Our relationships with law firms around the world make it easier for you to file and effectively prosecute international applications.

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  • I was very impressed with TNW’s ability to quickly and accurately understand our technology. Where others struggled to appreciate the advancements we’ve made, TNW’s attorneys immediately grasped these concepts — facilitating a much more effective patenting process.

    Wayne Shortt

    CEO Gimmi, Inc

  • I highly recommend TNW to anyone looking for first-class patent representation. I have trusted TNW with my patent and trademark work for over 30 years — encompassing more than 50 Patents, both US and foreign. They have always grasped a thorough understanding of my ideas and applied that understanding in diligently obtaining the broadest IP protection possible.

    Elwood “Woody” Norris

    Serial Inventor Winner of the 2005 Lemelson-MIT Prize

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