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Garron M. Hobson

Equity Partner

Garron M. Hobson
Garron M. Hobson Equity Partner

About Garron M. Hobson

Garron has over two decade’s worth of experience protecting inventions that are both technologically complex and that present challenging legal circumstances. He has obtained patents for inventions ranging from prosthetics to sandwiches and patents for innovations created by both solo inventors and established, multinational companies. Garron has experience with medical devices, prosthetics, optics, polarizers, displays, medical imaging, x-ray imaging, x-ray tubes, x-ray windows, composite structures, firearms, sporting equipment, consumer products, oil/gas well production, down hole tools, natural gas dehydration, hydraulics, climbing and sporting equipment, tablet and cell phone accessories. Garron enjoys winding his way through Utah’s slot canyons and finds parallels between canyoneering and the challenge of carving a path of meaningful and valuable protection for inventions and innovations.

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University of Utah

M.S. Electrical Engineering

University of Utah

B.S. Mechanical Engineering

University of Utah

Experienced in Overcoming Challenges

Garron excels at finding ways to protect inventions and technology that others might view as challenging to protect. With twenty years of patent experience, he has the knowledge and skill to help you succeed.