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Jed H. Hansen

Equity Partner

Jed H. Hansen
Jed H. Hansen Equity Partner

About Jed H. Hansen

Jed’s legal practice spans a wide range of intellectual property rights servicing fortune 50 companies as well as small business interests. He focuses on both obtaining and protecting client intellectual property interests. Jed’s previous life as a licensed professional engineer contributes to his philosophy as a legal counselor — innovate solutions to existing legal problems balanced by diligent planning and preparation to understand and efficiently mitigate unnecessary risks. Jed’s practice benefits from his focus and drive in obtaining a black belt in Taikwondo and his continued study of Haidong Gumdo and other martial arts.

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University of Utah

M.S. Engineering

University of Utah

B.S. Engineering

Utah State University

Intellectual Property Professional

Jed’s diligence and skill in advocating for his clients’ rights have yielded successful results both in court and the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Combined with his business acumen, this has earned his clients’ trust
and respect.

Representative Matters

Broussard et al. v. Mud Buddy LLC. — Invalidated asserted patents after bench trial. Decision was affirmed on appeal by the Federal Circuit.

CytoSport, Inc. v. Vital Pharmaceuticals, Inc. — Procured preliminary injunction against trademark infringer including removal of infringing goods from market. Preliminary injunction was affirmed on appeal to the Ninth Circuit. Case was settled favorably after successful summary judgment proceedings.

Hansen Beverage Company v. CytoSport, Inc. — Defeated temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction in trademark dispute. Favorable settlement was procured the first day trial.

Snap Lock v. Connor Sport Court International, Inc. — Adverse party changed design and favorable settlement was procured after preliminary summary judgment proceedings.

Sport Court International v. Rhino Sports — Favorable settlement reached in pre-trial phase of litigation.

Witherspoon v. Moneyhun Equipment Sales and Service, Co. — Procured summary judgement on "shop rights" and "hired to invent" dispute with former employee.

American Covers, Inc. v. Yankee Candle Company — Favorable patent license procured after pre-trial litigation.

Streamlight, Inc. v. Alliance Sporting Goods, L.P. — Successfully defended client in trademark dispute. Favorable settlement procured prior to trial.

Ex Parte and Inter Partes Reexaminations — Represented numerous parties before United States Patent and Trademark Office in reexamination and post-grant proceedings.