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Gary P. Oakeson

Equity Partner

Gary P. Oakeson
Gary P. Oakeson Equity Partner

About Gary P. Oakeson

Gary is a registered patent attorney whose practice is focused primarily on assisting clients in obtaining US and foreign patent and trademark rights. He strives to assist clients with their intellectual property matters so that they may be highly involved in key decisions, but do not have to worry about the day to day management of their intellectual property assets. Gary advises and counsels clients regularly on matters of enforcement, infringement, validity, licensing, due diligence review, and patentability, and he has an excellent track record in getting patents issued as well as arguing cases before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board with over 100 cases argued. Gary’s technical background is in chemistry and biology. His patent drafting experience includes bind-release separation, chromatography, silicon chemistry, polymer chemistry, chelation, drug delivery, food fortification, nutritional supplements, medical equipment, transdermal compositions and devices, coatings and composites, plasma devices, antennas, catheters, printing inks and media, ink jet and laser jet technologies, chemical sensors, electrolysis, thermal devices, optics, micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), circuitry and semiconductor fabrication, nanotechnology, and designs, among others.

Gary is a licensed private pilot and enjoys spending time in his airplane. When he is not providing excellent legal counsel or flying his plane, Gary likes to make noise on his guitar, banjo, and drums. He also has an interest in landscape photography.

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California Western School of Law, San Diego, CA

B.S. Biology/Zoology

Brigham Young University

Bold, Competent Legal Representation

Gary boldly represents his clients’ legal interests. His collaborative style allows him to provide legal advice with broad application and helps clients understand the business impact of their
legal decisions.